Daniel (Dan) Spohn

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein

About Myself

I graduated from Kent State University in May 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. Prior to graduation, December 2004, I started working full-time as a Programmer/Analyst/Server Admin at TripleClick Design in Fairlawn, Ohio. After graduation I continued working full-time, until January 2006, when I began my master's degree in Computer Information Systems at Youngstown State University. I continued working full-time at TripleClick Design until its demise in February 2006. I need to update this, this is old news. I enjoy programming, growing beards, using Linux, developing databases, image processing, AJAX, compiling kernels, automating everything possible, movies, being married to Alexis, MythTV, and really any type of technology.(not necessarily in that order).



I just started on a site for SQL Server Integration Services Documentation: Free SSIS Documenter. This will be useful for SSIS developers who need to documenter their SSIS package automatically. This will be the only free, unlimited use web based SSIS documentation tool. If you are interested in being notified when it becomes available please sign up at the site.


We recently had the opportunity to travel to Greece. See some of my geo-tagged photos here: Panoramio - Photos by dspohn23.


I'm working on a new site: Jogger Maps. This site based on for runners who are interested in plotting their run/jog out using Google Maps. It allows users to create routes, showing the distance of the route, and also allowing the user to save the route, for later retrieval. I am still working on the ability for users to search for nearby routes saved by other users. I used the Google Maps API for this site, and wrote a lot of javascript in order to get the routes plotting on the map. I used jQuery for the first time, in order to creat UI effects and other DHTML functionality.


I'm working on a new site: US City Home. This site based on United States Cities. US City Home retrieves data from different resources and displays them together for each city in the US. It collects current news for cities from an RSS Feed. Collects current job listings from Google Base, using the JSON REST api. Collects shopping and entertainment reviews and listings from Yahoo Local. Also Yahoo "Answers" questions are collected from the Yahoo Answers API. City Demographics are included from US Census Bureau data that was downloaded and uploaded to a MySQL database. The main page for each city also shows the city on Google Maps, using the Google Maps API.


I'm working on a new site: Find Some Articles. This site retrieves articles from sites that allow users to republish, their content. I wrote a web scraper in PHP to retrieve articles from 15 different sites and store them across 30 different MySQL databases. Why store them across so many databases? Good Question! My webhost only allows MySQL databases of a maximum size of 100mb each. I created a system to store the article across multiple databases so I could continue to collect articles. The site currently has over 100,000 articles. Note: Please do not hold me responsible for all content on this site, as I am simply blindly collecting it!




Alexis and I are getting married in 5 days (10/20/07)!


After numerous unsuccessful attempts I finally figured out how to administer, manipulate and query Fedora Directory Server using JNDI from within Java. Since I do not have any real previous experience with LDAP, the past few days, I have learned quite a lot. I have taken classes and done some basic administration with Active Directory, in Windows 2003, but no real knowledge of LDAP is really needed for that - Microsoft makes it too easy. Using JNDI I have figured out how to create new users, modify existing ones, and query the directory. All I really need to do now is create a class for manipulating LDAP and make a tie for InfoMiner's authorization/authentication system.


A few days ago I installed Fedora Core 5 on a server to host my InfoMiner application. My first thought was to install Debian Linux on the server (because that is what I am most familiar with), but then after deciding to use Fedora Directory Server (FDS), I figured it would probably be easier to use Fedora. Yesterday I installed Fedora Directory Server on the FC5 server, which is an open source LDAP server. I'll use the FDS to store user accounts and user info. Today I installed JBOSS AS to use as the J2EE application server for InfoMiner.


I'm currently working on a JSP web application that utilizes the WEKA project for doing data mining and machine learning. I'm tentatively calling this project "InfoMiner". The goal of my project is to improve the ease of use and availability of data mining technologies. Also the WekaMetaL (Meta-Learning) extension will be included in the web application to automatically select a default algorithm for the user if they are unsure of which algorithm to choose.

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